How to install your own solar power system


This is relatively simple, mainly depending on the scale of the solar power generation system you install. Another reason is whether to install grid-connected or off-grid generation. If you want to install photovoltaic grid-connected power generation, you need to apply for it at the local power bureau and need a grid-connected permit. Otherwise, solar power is not sold to the national grid and cannot make money. This license is important.

If you want to build a small solar off-grid power generation system in your home, you don't need to apply. Design the solar power generation system according to your own electricity demand, mainly considering the total power of photovoltaic panels, controller power, battery capacity, and off-grid inverter power. These devices are easy to buy online, as long as you give an overview. Generally, the supplier gives a reasonable configuration scheme, which is very convenient.

Then there's the installation problem, which is simple and easy. It mainly depends on whether you have certain electrician knowledge. If it's a little white, ask a local electrician. He could see the circuit diagram of the construction and basically assembled it very quickly.

All in all, the current solar power generation system equipment is basically intelligent, and you can know the power generation every day.