The two departments promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry chain


According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing (Reporter An Bei, Pan Jie) The reporter learned a few days ago that the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration recently issued a notice on matters related to promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry chain, clearly proposing multiple measures to ensure the reasonable output of polysilicon, creating conditions to support advanced polysilicon production capacity to reach production on schedule, encouraging polysilicon enterprises to reasonably control product price levels and other measures, improving the supply guarantee capacity of the photovoltaic power generation industry chain supply chain, and supporting the rapid development of clean energy in China.

The notice pointed out that polysilicon occupies an important link in the photovoltaic industry chain and plays a key role, while the production capacity formation cycle is relatively long. It is necessary to ensure the supply of raw materials, electricity and water labor required for polysilicon production, and reasonably arrange maintenance and technical transformation plans to ensure the operating rate of existing production capacity. It is necessary to create conditions to support the advanced production capacity of polysilicon to reach production on schedule, support polysilicon enterprises to strengthen technological innovation and research and development, improve the level of automation, digitalization, informatization and intelligence of production lines, reduce energy consumption levels, and improve production efficiency and product excellent rates. Promote the commissioning of construction projects on schedule. Encourage upstream and downstream integration, strategic cooperation, mutual equity participation, and signing long-term orders to support the construction of photovoltaic industrial parks.